History of Jamaica Blue Mountain

The Finest Coffee in the World

Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee has long been considered one of the finest coffees and one of the most sought after coffees in the world.

Folklore has it that in 1723, King Louis XV of France sent three coffee plants to his colony in Martinique. En route, two of the plants died. The third plant was brought to Jamaica in 1728 by former Governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes (1718-22). The first coffee plant on the island was planted in the parish of St. Andrew. Coffee production eventually expanded in the majestic Blue Mountain® ranges to include the hills of St. Ann, Manchester and St. Elizabeth. By 1814, there were over 600 coffee plantations on the island. With an incredible mix of rich volcanic soil, cool and misty climate, high rainfall and excellent drainage, the ideal growing conditions produced very high quality coffee.

In 1953, the Colonial Secretary of Jamaica created the Coffee Industry Board to oversee quality control and production of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee; now a globally protected trademark. For over 250 years, this extraordinary coffee has grown in the Majestic Blue Mountain ranges in Jamaica reaching 7,402 feet above sea level; one of the highest in the Caribbean. Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee is known for its smooth flavor, balanced acidity and intense aroma containing less caffeine than any other grown species of coffee.


What is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?

Jamaican Blue Mountain® is a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The best lots of Blue Mountain coffee are noted for their mild flavor and lack of bitterness. Over the last several decades, this coffee has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Over 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is exported to Japan. In addition to its use for brewed coffee, the beans are the flavor base of Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board was established in 1953 to maintain and standardize the quality and consistency of Jamaican coffee in a world class manner. Jamaican coffee is handpicked and supervised at every stage of pulping, drying, hulling, sorting and grading. Every export shipment is "cup quality" tested by certified tasters on the Coffee Industry Board staff. All shipments of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee must be approved and certified by the only certifying agency, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.

Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is a globally protected certification mark, meaning only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labeled as such. It comes from a recognized growing region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica in which all cultivation is monitored by the Coffee Industry Board.

This extraordinary coffee grown in the majestic Blue Mountain range in Jamaica reaches approximately 7,402 feet at the highest peak, thus making it is one of the highest grown coffees. An incredible mix of rich soil, cool and misty conditions, high rainfall and good soil drainage combined with expert care and stringent quality control grows the smoothest, richest and best coffee in the world.

Jamaica Blue Mountain® is the coffee of choice served at The White House and preferred coffee of the Queen of England.